Budda Power Blues - "Kind of Gypsys"

Budda Power Blues - "Kind of Gypsys"

Tribute to Jimi Hendrix's "Band of Gypsys"

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make no mistake! This is not an attempt to clone Hendrix’s geniality. We just happened to be a three part group as those Gypsy’s, and have the same taste for groove and raw power mixed together. So we just did the record our way, respecting the concept of the original, while changing lots of stuff in the way.

We’ve also replaced the “We got to live together” jam with “Verdes Anos”, a tune from another genius: Carlos Paredes. We renamed it as “Verdes anos Slight Return” after “Voodoo Child Slight Return”, in an attempt to mix the feel of Paredes and Hendrix, electrifying an acoustic angelic song and put some raw voodoo power in it. We’ve obviously used Led Zeppelin’s “Since I’ve been loving you” as a guide to this arrangement.


 1. Who Knows
 2. Machine Gun
 3. Them Changes
 4. Power of Soul
 5. Message of Love
 6. Verdes Anos
 7. Catfish Blues
 8. Chevrolet - live @ Festival de Blues de Gaia 2008
 9. Red House - live @ Festival de Blues de Gaia 2008
 10. Message of Love - live @ Hot Five (Porto) 2010



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"Who Knows" - first live act

Verdes Anos Slight Return

"Verdes Anos" in Kind of Gypsys by Budda Power Blues by DoctorGuitar